Life & Times of a Youth Footballer in Berlin

One year ago three very ambitious young FdA footballers headed to Berlin in Germany for an exciting new football and life experience. We chat to the boys via this fascinating podcast about their journey so far as they worked, trained and lived through the European Covid pandemic, an icy winter and a cancelled football season. Now as a vaccinated Berlin comes back to life, our boys are filled with hope and determination for the 2021/22 football season.

What an experience. Meeting people from all over the world. Germany is such a hot spot for football. That’s what makes it fascinating and something you want to do.

Trial Period in BERLIN

I’m not going to see my family for a while. It’s time to almost grow up. You actually have to shop, cook, wash the dishes and clean up after yourself!

Moving Overseas

Technically you have to be really sharp, especially under pressure – almost perfect. There are no weak links in your squad. They are all top quality players.

Playing in Germany

You’ve got to want to do well in everything that you do and improve all the time.

The intensity and competitiveness in training is on an other level.

German Football MEntality
Life & Times of A Youth Footballer in Berlin – Podcast