The Day We Took on the Wolves

Wolfsburg. Berlin. San Diego. Dallas. Gold Coast. Narrabeen. So much is packed into our annual football calendar at FdA. International and inter state border closures coupled with extended lockdowns have meant that for the first time in a decade our global and domestic youth football pilgrimages have been put on hold.

When you stand in the tunnel of the Volkswagen Arena before a Bundesliga match, a deep heart beat thumps on Dolby surround bouncing off the walls. Then come the cries and echos of the Wolves as the players walk out. Vfl Wolfsburg youth teams approach every match in the same way as the first team. It’s the Vfl Wolfsburg way. The German way.

Travelling to Germany to take on Bundesliga opponents was a crazy thought! You forget how good they are. The way they pass and move the ball so fluently together.

PlaYing in EUROPE

In September 2018 the FdA youth team embarked on our most recent international tour to Wolfsburg and Berlin. The excitement of travelling to the other side of the world to experience a new culture. Playing against some of the top youth players and teams on the planet. Overcoming the language barrier. Being away together with team mates. Getting a taste for what players experience when they are selected to play for a top club at a young age.

Members of the FdA squad and coaching team share their recollections of this life changing football, travel and cultural experience and how the time spent in Germany on tour is motivating them for the future, in this fascinating podcast interview “The Day We Took on the Wolves’.

It was a humbling experience. A clear benchmark for the work we needed to do individually and as a team, when we returned to Sydney. Berlin was so multi cultural. The German people we met were really friendly and helpful.

Learning Experience
The Day We Took on the Wolves – Podcast

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